Botanical Indigo Fabric Bundle

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Dear friends and customers,

In addition to using fiber reactive dyes, I also dye indigo. I enjoy dyeing up small pieces with different patterns. These fabrics were all created using batik -- a method whereby I wax the fabric with a motif and then dip it in my indigo vat. The wax resists the indigo adhering to the fibers, thus creating the design. This bundle of botanical indigo fabrics contains:

  • total of 7 pieces of indigo fabric measuring approximately 9" square (ish)
  • 6 pieces of linen hand dyed in indigo; 1 piece of indigo dyed organic cotton gauze
  • I use botanical indigo, not synthetic
  • all fabrics are 100% hemp or organic cotton

As always, please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.