Purples Arlington Palette Hand Dyed Linen for Embroidery and Cross Stitch, 45 count or 30 count

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This organic hemp linen fabric is a gorgeous and versatile craft and embroidery fabric. It is wonderful to use for hand sewing of any type. It is available in three hues and two thread counts.

  • 30 count linen is evenweave and is great for counted cross stitch; 45 X 42 count is terrific for all manner of hand sewing embroidery. Both are wonderful for garment sewing
  • Hues are: Pale Delphinium Blue, Medium Plum and Medium Crocus
  • 100 percent hemp fabric
  • quarter yard measures 27" by 18"
  • half yard measures 54" by 18"
  • Linen even weave fabric; equal warp and weft threads per inch
  • Preshrunk and colorfast
  • washed with unscented detergent in smoke-free studio

The fabric is a 100% hemp linen. It has a weight and hand of medium weight flax linen. It is easy to hand sew for applique or embroidery. I use it extensively for my stitched shibori pieces and love sewing with it.

Why use hemp linen? Hemp is also an eco-conscious alternative to conventional cotton. Hemp is a fiber that can be grown with far fewer pesticides, herbicides and water than cotton. It grows quickly and chokes out weeds growing around it. It is considered to be one of the most sustainable fibers currently available.

You can use my fabrics with confidence, knowing they will not bleed color or pucker from shrinking after you sew with them.

Please contact me with any questions.

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