About JacksonFabricArts


Hello and welcome to JacksonFabricArts. I'm Sarah Jackson, owner and designer. JacksonFabricArts is your source for organic and environmentally conscious craft supplies and home decor items. I create bespoke items for my clients and specialize in custom orders.

My goal is to provide my customers with the highest quality products with exceptional customer service. I make every hand dyed item in my store, by hand, one at a time. 

I strive to source raw products that are environmentally friendly. I use hemp because it requires minimal processing and is a naturally aggressive plant that requires far fewer chemicals to grow than traditional cotton. I use certified organic cotton whenever possible.

The fiber reactive dyes I use are non-toxic and I use methods that limit the amount of water I need to employ in order to make a high quality product.

I use botanical indigo in my work, as well as American soy wax.

I enjoy finding and adapting traditional designs and fiber art techniques to modern living. The goal is to create heirloom quality items that my clients can pass along to their children.

Please feel free to email me at sarah.jackson@jacksonfabricarts.com with any questions about my practices.